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Food and Wine of the Loire Valley – History, Culture & Taste
A Week of Wine and Food in the Loire Valley

This is sponsored by Historic Rentals and the Chateau des Sablons located in the Loire Valley near Bourgueil, France.

Welcome to six days of palate awakening food and wine in the Loire Valley, one of the most exciting historical and culinary regions of France!

Join Historic Rentals and Janet Chrzan of the University of Pennsylvania for a six-day gastronomic tour of the Loire Valley May 14 - 20, 2016. This trip offers a fun introduction to the food and wine of the Loire Valley while providing a short course in French culinary culture by a food anthropologist from the University of Pennsylvania.

This small-group tour features hands-on cooking classes, regional food history and in-depth explorations of the local wines and culinary specialties of the Loire Valley. Visits to carefully chosen restaurants, farms, wineries and chateaux will focus our understanding of the agriculture, food and wine of the region. We'll get to know the primary Loire Valley grape varieties (Cabernet franc, Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc) through guided tastings and visits to local wineries; by the end of the week participants will understand how the same grape can create very different wines when grown in Bourgueil, Chinon or Saumur.

We'll also spend time learning about how food and wine pairing can influence how we taste food and drink, and how the wines of a region are designed to complement the local cuisine. Our week, filled with local food delicacies, visits to historic towns, farmers markets and stunning chateaux, will highlight how the food history of the Loire influenced the development of modern-day French cuisine, and provide you with in-depth knowledge and experience of the food and wine of the region.

To complete the Loire Valley experience, you will stay in comfortable, private self-catering apartments in the restored 18th century Chateau des Sablons on the outskirts of Bourgueil, a charming small town in the Touraine, the central region of the Loire Valley. Best of all, there is no single supplement!

PLEASE NOTE: SPECIAL EARLY ARRIVAL PACKAGES AVAILABLE. Arrive the Chateau des Sablons 1 - 3 days early at a special rate and get your jet lag out of the way while visiting additional sites in the Loire Valley!

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